Supporting teachers and schools to adopt a powerful pedagogy for the design and delivery of an ambitious primary curriculum

When Enliven’s founder, Lizzie Overton, embarked on her career in primary education 35 years ago, the National Curriculum was in draft form and she had the creative freedom that today’s ECTs could only dream about.   New regulations undoubtedly addressed serious gaps, but at some level they also made it increasingly challenging to work with the kind of imagination we need to create a truly engaging and effective primary curriculum.

The tried and tested Principles of Enlivened Learning are offered through a range of research-informed CPD training events and extended programmes.  Participants are inspired and supported to create exciting learning opportunities that are shaped by a school’s unique context and needs.  Educational theory and practical ideas combine to ensure that children are best prepared for their 21st Century lives and that schools excel within Ofsted’s current framework.

Enliven Education is not trademarked; these words belong to us all.  CPD is offered on the understanding that the Enliven principles will inevitably be shaped and developed in different ways by the individual teachers and schools who use them.  

Lizzie has worked in schools that span the socio-economic diversity of the UK and was the headteacher of two East Sussex primary schools.